Stored Payment Tokens

Help merchants and their third-party providers exchange stored primary account numbers (cards-on-file) with merchant-specific payment tokens

Key Features

Streamlined Customer Experience

Merchants are automatically updated when a cardmember�s account changes, which reduces customer purchase disruptions

Enhances Other Token Services

Additional benefits of Payment Tokens can be implemented without changes to current third party tokens services

Increased Security

Payment tokens limit data breach exposure since they cannot be used outside the specific merchant's environment

Commonly Used By

Online Merchants

Subscription Services with recurring billing

Scenario - 1

Recurring Purchases with Tokenization Services

  1. Bob Cardmember has stored his Discover card at ABC Merchant, where his variable monthly bill is automatically charged.
  2. ABC Merchant works with Shopping Cart Digital Services for their e/m-commerce checkout systems, and hires them to implement their payment tokenization.
  3. Shopping Cart Digital Services codes to Discover�s Stored Payment Tokens and exchanges current and future ongoing stored Discover Cards for Discover Payment Tokens ABC Merchant�s digital services receives updates from Discover� Digital Exchange: Stored Payment Tokens API�s as cardmember�s stored credentials require new expiration dates or other updates.
  4. Bob�s bill is paid each month with his ABC Merchant specific Discover payment token. No change is made to Bob�s ABC Merchant bill or Discover card statement

Scenario - 2

Card member Initiated Transactions with Tokenization Services

  1. Sally Cardmember has stored her Discover Card at XYZ Merchant, where she logs in from time to time and selects items to buy.
  2. XYZ Merchant manages its own shopping cart and payment data storage, so it codes to Discover Digital Exchange: Stored Payment Tokens.
  3. XYZ Merchant exchanges all its stored Discover Cards for Discover payment tokens, and continues to exchange plastic card numbers for payment tokens as new customers request to store Discover Cards.
  4. Sally�s purchases are completed with her XYZ Merchant specific Discover payment token. The use of the Payment Token is invisible to Sally, and as a result nothing looks different on Sally�s XYZ Merchant�s website profile or her Discover card statement.

Work Flow

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