Frequently Asked Questions

Discover is currently transitioning from invite-only to a more open forum. Access to APIs will be on a case-by-case basis. If you'd like to speak to a product representative, please contact us.
Not all of our data products are currently published. While you may not see all of our products on the site public pages, you will see the product you've been given access to once you've logged in.
We're currently redesigning our homepage to bring you a modern and efficient experience. While there are new pre-login pages, your login and post-login experience won't be affected.
In order to make API requests, you'll need a Developer account. To create a developer account, please contact a product representative. Once you've logged in, please follow the API specs doc to learn more about how to make requests successfully.
Currently, developer partners can only be added with an invite from a Discover representative. Once the developer portal has transitioned into an open forum, you'll be able to invite them yourself.
You can contact a Discover representative, please reach us at
If you need to reset your password, simply click on Dev Console Login and then the ‘Forgot Password’ link. This will send you an email to reset your login credentials.